The scientific community is developing cutting edge diagnostics and treatments for illnesses at an ever-increasing rate

A simple blood sample can now provide information leading to the early detection of many cancers without invasive biopsies

Immunotherapies utilise and enhance patients’ own immune system by pointedly triggering a patient’s own immune response to fight diseases

Gene sequencing and editing solutions are used to target rogue cells and make changes to genomic DNA

Treatments for life-threatening illnesses and diseases are changing to offer individualised treatment to patients

Diseases and their treatments can be digitally modelled and simulated, aiding the rapid and more cost effective development of new treatments

There is a miracle treatment that can restore the eyesite of a blind child in 15 minutes

Transplant success rates are now even higher where donors and recipients are matched using recently developed genomic solutions

3D printing and Surgical Robotics increase precision and accuracy in the operating theatre – greatly improving success rates and reducing the likelihood of infection post operation

Remote Patient Monitoring facilitates consultation and diagnosis as well as an early warning system for in home health care

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